VitSupp LifeLong Best Hair Oil for Women

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    This hair oil is the most advanced Ayurvedic formula that provides intensive nourishment & is safe, effective, chemical & preservative free.

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    1. Mrinal J

      Did not work for me.

    2. Smita Dalvi

      My scalp is very dry, and my hair breaks easily. Lifelong has proven to be very effective in conditioning my scalp and hair. I apply a few drops every day on my scalp and massage it in, and twice or thrice a week I always apply from root to tip and leave it overnight. Hair fall has gone down since I started using Lifelong, and my hair is a lot smoother now. I recommend it for those who have dry hair.

    3. Anusha P

      I suffer from dandruff and it is very embarrassing to see dandruff flakes all over my clothes. It is worse if I wear dark colors because then they really become prominent. Lifelong is a good anti-dandruff hair oil. My scalp is not itchy any more, and the dandruff problem has gone down significantly. I think it is much better than those chemicals-laden anti-dandruff serums.

    4. Partibha Sachan

      I just used it twice a week like I used to, but the results have been better than my old hair oil.

    5. Amrita S

      Has really helped with the frizz. I don’t have to use these thick setting products now. Good for frizzy hair.

    6. Sapna Tongaria

      Product was delivered late. But I used Lifelong hair oil and I must say it really made my hair grow fast. I like to do a lot of hairstyles and often cut my hair for experimenting with my looks. I had this very short bob a while ago and needed to grow it out fast.

    7. Beena Murlidhar

      With age I am seeing increased hair loss. I recommend Lifelong hair oil for women who are now losing hair. The hair fall has reduced and I am seeing new growth, so it does not make me feel self-conscious. With my job and kids I do not have a lot of time to follow any beauty regimen. If it suits you, I will definitely tell you to keep using it.

    8. Rajani N

      I have very sensitive skin and I cannot use most skin and hair products. I try to use as many ayurvedic and natural products as possible. Lifelong does not contain any chemicals or preservatives so it has really suited me. I have not got any reactions so I think I will continue with Lifelong hair oil.


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VitSupp Lifelong Hair Oil for Women is an advanced Ayurvedic formula with additional mediterranean herbs.

Lifelong Hair Oil for Women contains the goodness of natural ingredients like coconut oil, rosemary, amla, camphor, neem, bhringraj, Aloe vera, brahmi, hibiscus flowers and leaves & many more herbs that may improve your hair and scalp

Lifelong Hair Oil contains amla, bhringa, and coconut oil nourishes your scalp. Aloe vera helps control dandruff and has a fortifying effect on hair so your hair stays conditioned.

Lifelong Hair Oil is also a great stress-buster. Brahmi, camphor and aloe vera have a cooling effect on the scalp, so massage it for five minutes before bedtime and feel all the stress drain away.

Lifelong Hair Oil is an ayurvedic formula that is easy to apply and can be left in. For best results, massage your scalp with a few drops for a few minutes before going to bed each night. You can also apply it twice a week, keep it overnight and wash it off the next day.

All our ingredients are sourced and processed hygienically, and we make sure their nutrients remain intact in the final product.

We have minimized the use of plastics and plastic-derivatives in the preparation, packaging and shipping process because we recognize that plastic is a hormone disruptor and is environmentally unsustainable.

Lifelong Hair Oil for Women is made in small batches, so that wastage is minimized and that our customers get the freshest of oils.


At Lifelong, we find that most of our customers find immediate benefits in using our hair oil. That’s why we offer a 15 day money back guarantee (shipping excluded). As an esteemed lifelong customer you are covered!