How and where do I apply Lifelong Hair Oil?

Apply oil all over the scalp. Pour a small amount on your palm and apply in on your scalp with your fingers, or pour a few drops directly on the scalp. Eventually, apply it from root to tip. Use your fingertips to gently massage it in. Focus on areas that have thinning hair. This makes your hair roots absorb the oil better. The active herb ingredients can penetrate the weakened hair roots faster.

How to properly massage the oil into my scalp?

Massage your scalp for 5 to15 minutes, so that the oil is fully absorbed into your scalp. Massaging improves blood circulation, and has a rejuvenating effect on the hair follicles. However, do not go for vigorous rubbing, initially. Slow is fast.

I have never massaged my scalp before. Where do I start?

Try to massage your scalp for at least 5 minutes- and gradually work up to 15 minutes in about a week or 10 days time. Initially, you may notice some hair fall, because weaker strands may not be able to withstand the physical effects of massage. However, if you continue massaging with Lifelong Hair Oil, your scalp and hair will start absorbing the nutrients from our active ingredients, and with increased blood flow, grow stronger. As a result, you will notice a marked decrease in hair fall.

How long should I leave in the oil?

45 minutes to 1 hour is a good enough time for the scalp to absorb the oil. Leaving it in gives the hair roots the time to absorb the vitamins from the ingredients. If you want, you can leave it longer- many people have different skin types which require a longer time to absorb oil, such individuals can leave it in overnight as well.

Is Lifelong Hair Oil Safe?

Lifelong Hair Oil is a 100% natural formula, which is made from the best quality ingredients. The entire process- from sourcing to processing and packaging has been done hygienically and keeping in mind highest standards of cleanliness.
Lifelong Hair Oil does not contain any chemicals, and is free from mineral oils, PABA and phthalates, petroleum products, paraffin, dyes and colors, formaldehyde, SLS TEA and DEA, parabens and perfumes.

We make sure that all the beneficial properties of the ingredients are preserved in the final product. We also recognize plastic as a hormone disruptor and an environmental hazard, so we have minimized the use of plastics and plastic derivatives in our manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes.

How do I find out if I am allergic to the products?

It is always great to do an allergy/patch test on your skin to test if you are allergic to any product. You can always talk to a doctor if you want to have a patch test done under medical supervision.

Otherwise, apply a small amount on your inner arm or in a small area just behind your ear. Leave it in overnight before washing off. If your skin remains normal and you feel no discomfort after 24-48 hours, the product can be considered safe. However, if you skin develops rashes or starts burning or itching, wash off immediately and consult a doctor.

How often should I oil my hair and scalp?

Try oiling your hair at least twice a week. It is best if you can massage in a few drops into your scalp every night, but otherwise, make sure to oil (and wash) your hair every 2-3 days. Apply regularly from root to tip, massage it in, and brush it with a wide-teethed comb until the oil has spread evenly. This conditions both the scalp and hair, increases blood circulation, and prevents dryness and frizziness. This way, your hair is nourished regularly, and will grow healthier with time.

What is the best way to wash my hair?

Do not use hot water to wash hair/scalp. Hot water weakens hair roots, which slows down hair growth and often leads to hair fall. Many beauticians recommend not using shampoos, as most market brands contain harmful chemicals that can damage the scalp. It is best to stick to mild herbal shampoos, or special soap-free formulas.

The water in my area is hard. Should I avoid hard water?

If the water supplied to your area is hard, avoid using it for washing your hair. Salty deposits and minerals in hard water weaken your hair roots, and make you hair rough and brittle. It is best to use normal water – if you can arrange for it. If your water is hard, try using filtered/ Reverse Osmosis (RO) / drinking water for washing your hair.

What is the best way to dry my hair?

After washing, your scalp must retain conditioning elements. Just dry your hair gently with towel, and do not rub vigorously. Avoid using a hair dryer – as the blast of hot air can damage roots and leave hair dry and rough. Regular use of the hair dryer may lead to split ends.

What other hair oil can I use when I am using Lifelong?

Do not use any other hair oil while using Lifelong Hair Oil. Lifelong is an Ayurvedic oil made from 100% natural ingredients. It has all the essential elements needed to stop hair fall and promote hair growth. Using other products which may be infused with chemicals may dilute the effect of Lifelong, or cause other side effects that may lead to hair loss.

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