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100% Natural, Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Men and Women

[small_title title=”HOW WE MAKE LIFELONG HAIR OIL”]

What makes Lifelong Hair Oil unique is the way we prepare our recipes.

Lifelong combines the time-tested knowledge of Ayurveda and proven methods of modern science to bring you products that give you the best of both worlds. We use a mix of Indian and Mediterranean herbs, and all our ingredients are 100% natural.

We make sure that the medicinal and nutritional properties of the natural ingredients are not lost during processing so you can get your value for money. Our dry ingredients are crushed whole (and not powdered) to preserve their nutrients, and all our green ingredients are fresh.

Lifelong recognises the adverse effects of plastic on health and the environment as a whole. We know that plastic acts as a hormone disruptor, so we have minimised the usage of plastic in our preparation and packaging processes.

Our oils are manufactured and shipped in batches. This ensures that you get fresh products and wastage is minimised. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene during sourcing, preparation, packaging and shipping processes to ensure that our products meet all the required criteria of quality.

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Ingredients of LifeLong Hair Oil

Lifelong hair oil is a 100% natural product from VitSupp Healthcare Private Limited.

Hair is an indicator of overall health, and a crucial aspect of our look. Nothing gives you confidence as a mane of shiny, healthy hair. But advancing age, pollution, heat, exposure to harsh chemicals, stress- all these factors lead to hair and scalp damage. Trying to treat the problem – and hide the damage- with more harsh chemicals and processes lead to even more significant issues.

Lifelong Hair Oil is an advanced Ayurvedic formula, which contains the active extracts of Brahmi, neem, amla, methi, hibiscus, Triphala, rosemary, aloe vera, bhringraj, camphor and other herbs that are proven to stop hair fall, increase hair growth, strengthen hair roots, prevent dandruff and relieve stress.

We understand that men and women have different needs when it comes to hair care. While women mostly look for thicker hair or for their hair to grow faster, most men need something to arrest hair fall and prevent thinning of hair. Our products are designed to respond to your specific needs and provide you with the required nourishment.

Lifelong Hair Oil is your one-stop solution for all your hair problems. We use high quality natural products, and no artificial agents. If you want your hair thick, strong and healthy, you cannot go wrong with Lifelong.

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We use 100% Food Grade Coconut Oil for Hair

Mineral oils are cheaper, but they cannot penetrate your skin and have no effect on your hair. It is best to go for natural hair oils, and among them, nothing comes close to coconut oil.

Coconut oil is scientifically proven to be good for hair. Coconut oil nourishes your hair roots, conditions the scalp, promotes hair growth and prevents breakage. With regular use, your hair will grow thick, long and strong. Studies also show that those who use coconut oil regularly on their scalp also tend to suffer less from itchy scalp, dandruff and other infections.

Coconut oil is the ideal base for any hair care product- so naturally, it is the base for Lifelong hair oil. We use the best quality coconuts for extraction, to make sure that all the nutrients are preserved and are not lost during processing.

We use Best Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

Rosemary is a great natural product for hair growth. Studies show that rosemary stimulates the scalp and prevents hair fall. Rosemary is known the world over for being a popular herb and has widespread applications in alternative medicine and aromatherapy.

Rosemary is an effective antibiotic and has been used as a healing herb since the ancient ages. Rosemary extracts fight skin infections and reduce chances of dandruff. Moreover, it strengthens hair roots and is probably among the strongest anti-hair fall natural ingredient available.

Lifelong hair oil is infused with rosemary extracts, which is an active anti-inflammatory agent, prevents premature greying and adds shine to the hair.

We use Neem Oil for Hair Dandruff

Neem is India’s go-to answer for medicinal needs. Neem is a wide range antibiotic, which prevents and heals infections, and has a soothing effect on the scalp. It is also rich in vitamin C, which nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair root.

If you are suffering from scalp psoriasis, Lifelong hair oil is a good bet for you. Neem is proven as an anti-psoriasis agent and is very effective in the soothing itchy scalp. Neem is also good for those who have sensitive skin as it prevents breakouts and dandruff. If you have an oily scalp, chances are that it attracts a lot of dirt and increases chances of infection.

With Lifelong hair oil, you can stop worrying about all this. Our product is enhanced with one of nature’s strongest antibiotics, and you can get round the clock protection for your hair and scalp.

We use Brahmi for Hair Growth

Brahmi is an important plant in traditional Indian medicine and is said to benefit the brain. It is also an active anti-hair fall agent and is a wide-range antibiotic. Applying a paste of Brahmi leaves on a wound is shown to speed up healing. It is also shown to be effective in healing scars.

Lifelong comes fortified with Brahmi extracts, and it helps soothe the scalp. It is effective in preventing infections and dandruff. Being a powerful anti-oxidant, Brahmi also prevents premature greying of hair. If you live in an area with high levels of air pollution, Lifelong should provide you with that extra layer of protection, thanks to the power of Brahmi.

We use Real Amla Juice for Hair ReGrowth

Amla or Indian gooseberry is the richest source of vitamin C. It is also a great anti-biotic, and probably the most widely used natural product in India after coconut oil. Amla is known for its fortifying properties, as it prevents dandruff, and amla extracts have shown to be remarkably effective against greying.

Lifelong contains amla, which not only makes your hair blacker but also stimulates hair growth. Scientists have talked about the stimulating effect amla has on hair growth, and being a great source of vitamin C, it nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair roots. It is a natural conditioner, cleans dandruff and is a strong anti-oxidant.

Men and women who are losing sleep (and more hair) over their thinning mane can see the power of amla for themselves. With Lifelong’s amla benefits, your hair will grow thick, long and shiny.

We use Best Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth

Bhringraj or bhring is a powerhouse of health benefits and is one of the most widely used ingredients in hair care products. Bhring is known for stimulating hair growth and preventing hair fall. It is also widely used for healing purposes and is effective in preventing infections.

For those who are suffering from hair loss, Lifelong is a great bet as it contains bhring. Bhring is also great for those who suffer from itchiness of scalp. There are studies that show that bhring is very effective against scalp psoriasis. It is great for preventing dandruff and reducing stress.

Massage your scalp with Lifelong hair oil for five minutes, and feel the cooling effect of bhring. It is a great stress-buster and will help you get a good night’s sleep.

We use Best Triphala for Hair Fall Reduction

Triphala is an Ayurvedic formula, which is a powder made of the seedless parts of three fruits- amla, haritaki and bibhitaki. These are important fruits in Indian traditional medicine, and triphala is well known for treating a variety of ailments.

Triphala is a rich source of iron, and it acts as a powerful anti-greying agent. Being rich in vitamin C, Triphala also nourishes the scalp and strengthens hair roots. Triphala is a great remedy for hair loss and is also an active anti-dandruff agent. It is also anti-inflammatory, so it protects the scalp against infections and guards against pollutants.

We use Camphor for Hair Lice Reduction & Hair Growth

Camphor’s anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties are well known. It acts as an instant disinfectant, so it helps heal skin and scalp infections fast. Camphor acts as a catalyst, as it stimulates the nerve endings and blood vessels, which helps absorb and circulate other nutrients fast.

It is readily absorbed by the skin and stimulates blood flow. This increases the supply of nutrients to hair roots and strengthens them. Camphor is also a natural coolant. It soothes the scalp and gives you a feeling of instant calm. So if you want a good soothing head massage, you can’t go wrong with Lifelong hair oil.

We use Aloe Vera for Hair Fall Control & Hair Growth

Aloe vera is a miracle natural ingredient and is widely known for its medicinal properties. It is a wide range anti-biotic, so it prevents scalp infections and actively cures existing ones. Aloe vera contains proteolytic enzymes that help repair damaged skin, so it helps remove dead skin cells and regenerate new skin. Aloe vera is effective if you are suffering from scalp conditions like psoriasis.

It is also a very cooling and soothing ingredient, and it helps reduce itching of the scalp. Aloe also acts as a hydrating agent and conditions your hair. There is evidence that aloe reduces dandruff and fortifies hair against damage from heat and pollution.

Lifelong contains the goodness of aloe vera, which not only prevents scalp infections and dandruff but also soothes the itchy scalp and conditions it.

We use Flowers and Leaves of Hibiscus for Hair Growth

Hibiscus flowers and leaves are well known for their benefits for hair and scalp. Scientists have shown that hibiscus flowers and leaves can stimulate hair growth- leaves more than the flower. Hibiscus also has medicinal properties which help heal wounds, so it is effective in preventing and treating scalp conditions and infections.

However, few popular hair oil brands contain hibiscus. Lifelong contains hibiscus extracts, which helps nourish your scalp and condition hair roots. As a result, you have thick, long and shiny hair. It also helps condition your hair, so you don’t have frizzy, dry or dull hair.

With the extra conditioning from hibiscus in Lifelong hair oil, you can say goodbye to split ends and hair breakage.

We use Fenugreek seeds for Hair Growth

Methi or fenugreek seeds are a staple in every Indian household, and all of us have been made aware of its medicinal values by our elders. Methi paste is a go-to for growing your hair long and thick. Methi nourishes the scalp and it acts as a natural conditioner.

Methi is rich in proteins, so it fortifies your hair against pollution and is effective in repairing damaged hair. It also has antibacterial properties, so it helps prevent infections and fight dandruff. It strengthens hair and prevents greying. Lifelong hair oil contains methi that gives you thick, black hair that shines.

Lifelong Hair Oil is a purely Ayurvedic product and free from harsh chemicals. All the products used are natural.