100% Natural, Ayurvedic Hair Oil for Men and Women


We are a team of passionate health researchers. For the last 15 years, we have been working on ways to improve human health with natural products. We believe that nature is the ultimate healer. Usage of natural products bring us in equilibrium with nature and helps us stay healthy. VitSupp LifeLong hair Oil is our attempt to bring you a LIVE NATURAL hair oil.


Vision: To bring organic and natural solutions to your hair problems without risking toxicity or contamination. A product as intended by nature.

Mission: To educate and provide consumers with top-quality, innovative, science and Ayurveda based hair solutions to support your hair health and well-being.


Your hair health should never come between you and your happiness and confidence. VitSupp understands your world and can work with you to help you meet your expectations. We have always persisted & found ways to share knowledge and made better things available at your doorstep, whenever you need it. Lifelong Hair oil is one such endeavour.


We refuse to settle for the status quo. Not in life, work or social responsibility; and not in the products we choose to create. Lifelong Hair Oil is a reflection of our will to strive for excellence and innovation.

Lifelong Hair Oil is a brand that will set standards and embody all values of quality, holistic healing and sustainability.  It is a product that stands for the goodness of nature and our commitment to our customers.


Lifelong hair oil is a 100% natural product from VitSupp Healthcare Private Limited.

Hair is an indicator of overall health, and a crucial aspect of our look. Nothing gives you confidence as a mane of shiny, healthy hair. But advancing age, pollution, heat, exposure to harsh chemicals, stress- all these factors lead to hair and scalp damage. Trying to treat the problem – and hide the damage- with more harsh chemicals and processes lead to even more significant issues.

Lifelong Hair Oil is an advanced Ayurvedic formula, which contains the active extracts of Brahmi, neem, amla, methi, hibiscus, Triphala, rosemary, aloe vera, bhringraj, camphor and other herbs that are proven to stop hair fall, increase hair growth, strengthen hair roots, prevent dandruff and relieve stress.

We understand that men and women have different needs when it comes to hair care. While women mostly look for thicker hair or for their hair to grow faster, most men need something to arrest hair fall and prevent thinning of hair. Our products are designed to respond to your specific needs and provide you with the required nourishment.

Lifelong Hair Oil is your one-stop solution for all your hair problems. We use high quality natural products, and no artificial agents. If you want your hair thick, strong and healthy, you cannot go wrong with Lifelong.


What makes Lifelong Hair Oil unique is the way we prepare our recipes.

Lifelong combines the time-tested knowledge of Ayurveda and proven methods of modern science to bring you products that give you the best of both worlds. We use a mix of Indian and Mediterranean herbs, and all our ingredients are 100% natural.

We make sure that the medicinal and nutritional properties of the natural ingredients are not lost during processing so you can get your value for money. Our dry ingredients are crushed whole (and not powdered) to preserve their nutrients, and all our green ingredients are fresh.

Lifelong recognises the adverse effects of plastic on health and the environment as a whole. We know that plastic acts as a hormone disruptor, so we have minimised the usage of plastic in our preparation and packaging processes.

Our oils are manufactured and shipped in batches. This ensures that you get fresh products and wastage is minimised. We maintain the highest standards of hygiene during sourcing, preparation, packaging and shipping processes to ensure that our products meet all the required criteria of quality.


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